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Orange Internet Everywhere Postpaid Offers​

We Recommend: 4G Super 80GB
10 JOD MiFi
80 GB Data
Free 100GB Cloud service
For 20JOD/month

If you can't install an ADSL line, or you need is the convenience of being able to go online regardless of where you are, so our Internet Everywhere postpaid offers might be perfect for you. Our range includes both 3G and 4G bundles, with charges from 10 to 50 JD/month. Should you use up your data too early, you can recharge your account with a scratch card, by balance transfer, or electronically at Orange shops. Each of the available packages includes either a dongle or a 4G Router and a WIFI extender, as necessary.

Take a look at our bundles below and see which of our Internet Everywhere offers suits you the most:

4G Super-80GB​
Monthly Bundle 80GB
Get Mifi for JD 10
Free 100GB Cloud Service
For 20JOD/month (without tax)
4G Super-40GB
Monthly Bundle 40GB
Get Mifi for JD 20
Free 100GB Cloud Service
For 15JOD/month (without tax)
4G Super-200GB​
Monthly Bundle 200GB
Free 4G Router + WIFI extender
Free 100GB Cloud Service​
For 35JOD/month (without tax)
4G Super-300GB
Monthly Bundle 300GB
Free 4G Router + WIFI extender
Free 100GB Cloud Service
For 50JOD/month (without tax)
3G Super 45GB
Monthly Bundle 45GB
Free 21.6M Dongle
For 15JOD/month (without tax)
3G Super 15GB
Monthly Bundle 15GB
Free 21.6M Dongle
For 12JOD/month (without tax)
3G Super 10GB​
Monthly Bundle 10GB
Free 21.6M Dongle
For 10JOD/month (without tax)
4G IEW Governorates
Monthly Bundle 15GB peak and 15GB off-peak 
Get Mifi for JD 30 
Free 100GB Cloud Service
For 12JOD/month (without tax)​



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WELCOME TO Orange Live Chat.
Chat Service Allows you to communicate with our Advisors in order to get help.

Please note that chat service is available from
8:00 am till 8:00 pm
We are available to help you through calling :
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1777,077 7700177
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