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Why join BIG?


BIG powered by Orange works as a growth engine for existing and growing startups. The primary value of BIG is in its potential to accelerate startup growth and scalability without asking for any equity in return. BIG charges a minimal fee which we call “success fees” based on the positive outcome of your acceleration process.

What You Get?

Upon being successfully selected, you will be asked to provide us with all the key milestones that you wish to achieve during your 4 months at The Base.

The acceleration team will work as a liaison with our strategic partners and mentors to help you achieve them. The benefits could be summarized and categorized as follows:

1. Technical assistance: This includes: free consultations on products, assessment of code, design advice, and coordinating free hosting from Orange.

2. Marketing assistance: Assistance in customer development planning and gauging feedback from partners and mentors to sharpen the marketing strategy in place.

3. Mentorship: Mapping you with hundreds of well-known Silicon Valley industry experts in fields of development, design and marketing. Every startup will get a sheet of all available mentors on day one. Our team will liaise the mentorship scheduling.

4. Your 2nd or 3rd funding round help: Funding could be tricky in Jordan. BIG helps you shape up your business in order to get facetime with investors and fund organizations as frequently as you are ready.

5. Strategic Partners BIG will help you strategically connect your business to other businesses in the same market and/or in other markets.

6. Media coverage With Roya mini studio located at BIG, we will be engaging you with a lot of media coverage that can help you get more traction for your products and services.
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