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ADSL frequently asked questions

Yes, subscription/ migration to any of the ADSL offers is subjected to a one year commitment.
Any individual is allowed to have this offer

Fiber frequently asked questions

Orange Fiber is offering an Internet connection speed that’s up to 200 megabits per second, along with a service like no other.
That means enough bandwidth for everyone in your home—and their devices, Everyone at home can have a superfast connection on their computers, smartphones, tablets, and more—at the same time.
Much faster speeds, making it more suitable for sharing Internet access in your household. Unlike standard broadband, the distance from your local telephone exchange doesn't determine the speed you can get.
Our fiber broadband service is available to anyone in a fiber-enabled area.
If you're new to broadband your service should be up and running after 7-10 working days.
Yes. A wireless fiber router is available for free with all fiber packages.
Fiber optic is the fastest Internet option available; it is not shared and provides far greater speeds to enhance your experience.
• High speed internet ( up to 1GB )
• Unlimited download capacity
• Secured internet connection
• Special experience when using all kind of application
• Orange Fiber 30M
• Orange Fiber 100M
• Orange Fiber 200M
• Orange Fiber 300M