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Orange Mobile – Postpaid FAQs

You can visit the following link to learn more about our payment methods
We will send your bill to the address you provided us with . You can always visit one of our Customer Care Centers to get another copy of your bill . And now you can get your bill on your email monthly. Just provide us your email address via 1777 or visit our shops to update your profile.
If you don’t understand the terms or feel confused about the information in your bill, you can call 1777 and our Customer Care team will be more than glad to help you
If you don't pay your bill by the date indicated on your bill (usually 2 weeks after the date of issuing the bill) we will give you a one week grace period before we suspend your line. Our Customer Care team will call you before suspension takes place. However, if you delay your payment further on, you risk disconnecting your number
We can help you reserve your number by temporarily suspending your line until your return. However, we will ask you to pay a minimal monthly fee instead of the monthly subscription fees in addition to settling any pending charges. To learn more, you can visit any of our Customer Care Centers and our team will be more than glad to help you
Lines are suspended when there is a problem in payment, however, sometimes it might be a technical problem. You can call 1777 or visit any of our shops to find out the reason and our team will tell you what to do to activate your line again.
Either by being a current postpaid line user or by subscibing to one of our postpaid lines
You can change offers (rate plans) simply by visiting any of our Customer Care Centers, where we will provide you with the best solutions.
Please check our latest offers or visit your nearest shop
Cost control once you reach the limit of your monthly fees you wont be charged, you can control your connsumption by recharging scrath cards
Roaming for example has a deposite, along with other services please call 1777 for more info
Please install My Orange app to keep posted for your balance and status
This service is already activated for cost control lines and it shall be activated for open postpaid lines against a refundable deposit through Orange shops
You can subscribe to our new postpaid offers LINK or you can buy our international bolt on bundle at 4JDs to call for 10 Piasters per minute through *188# for more details you can call 1777 or visit our shops
You can know more details about your bill or usage through *777# ,call 1666 , call 1777 or through my orange application
Yes, through our shops by providing the 2 parties identification documents
Yes, you will receive 1 bill that shows adding your offer bundle normally yet you will not be able to use it
Normally it will be added after 1 or 2 hours for open offers and within 24 hours for cost control offers
It will be prorated calculation from the day of activation till the day of your first bill, for more details please call 1777


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