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Orange Mobile – services​​ FAQs


Missed call alert

Missed call alert enables you to know who called you when your mobile is switched off or out of reach
You can dial *130# and follow th instructions
You can dial *130# and follow th instructions

Private number

You can dial *131# and follow the instructions
You can dial *131# and follow th instructions
No, your number will never appear on the screen of the people you call unless you decide otherwise through mobile settings

Call Barring

Call barring allows you to manage preventing the incoming and outgoing calls, It can be applied to the following types of calls:
1- Outgoing local, national and international calls
2- Incoming calls
3- Incoming calls when roaming
You can call 1777 to check if the service is active on your line, then go to mobile setting to activate the service on the handset

Call Forwarding

Please call 1777 to give you the way of activating the service
You will be charged for all calls you forward to other numbers (depending on the number you have forwarded the call to and its duration)
No you are not charged for forwarding a call to Voice Mail.
No you are not charged for forwarding a call to Voice Mail.
No you can't forward a call to an international phone number.
There are 4 types for Call Forwarding:
1- Call forward when no answer
2- Call forward when busy
3- Call forward when out of reach
4- Unconditional call forward (all incoming calls are forwarded)

Call Waiting

Up to 3 persons can use this service at the same time.

Call Conference

A service that allows the customer to talk to a number of other parties at the same time, it is activated for all customers by default.
It depends on your phone, if it supports this service then you can.
Up to 6 people can join a conference call at the same time


Anghami has Ads, limited listening time, no offline access and no downloads Anghami Plus has no ads, unlimited listening time, offline access and ability to download
Subscribe to Anghami Plus bundle by dialling *777# and follow the instructions
Subscribe to Anghami Plus bundle for JD0.75 per week or JD2.5 per month


"Istikana" is an Arabic word used to describe a unique-looking glass used mostly to drink tea. The word originated as people referred to this unique-looking glass as "East Tea Can". With time the word evolved to "Is-Ti-Kan-a" - Istikana
To be able to watch all you want from the Arab World's most popular films and TV Shows, including new and classic titles in a variety of films, drama series, classic cartoons, documentaries, comedy, religious, dubbed Turkish and Mexican series with no ads interruption
Really easy, all you have to do is go to the subscription page and follow the instructions through 3 easy steps:
1. Register - this lets us know who you are. You can easily register with one click using Facebook, Google, or create an Istikana account
2. Pick your payment method - Pay through your Orange credits to get a special discount - JD2 per Month
3. Enjoy the shows - Now the world of Arabic film and TV shows are open to you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

My Status

My Status is a new inovative service, where you can write a status and have it appear on your caller’s screen when they call you! The status you set will appear to everyone who calls you.
By sending an SMS to 97700:
Weekly subscription: send status W to 97700
Monthly subscription: send status M to 97700
My Status subscription cost JD0.35 per week or JD 1 per month
You can hide or unhide your status from everyone by sending Hide status to 97700 or Show status to 97700
You can change your status twice a day for Free, any extra changes will cost JD.10

My Orange application

My Orange is a mobile secured self-care application that offers a personalized account management experience for Orange Jordan mobile customers. It allows customers to check their credit balance, recharge their account or the account of a friend and manage Orange services subscriptions.
Yes it is free on the data network
No,you have to use the data network

Orange Radio

Orange Radio is an application working on iOS and android that provides worldwide free access to thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts. A catalogue of over 15,000 radio stations
No, it contains local, Arabic and worldwide radio channels with the ability to search by country

Data Transfer

It is a service that allows prepaid lines to transfer from 30 to 200 MB from their purchased data bundles
Example to transfer 100 MB: *270*100*077xxxxxxx#
This service is for 15 piasters per transaction deducted from the customers' balance


Orange Live chat

WELCOME TO Orange Live Chat.
Chat Service Allows you to communicate with our Advisors in order to get help.

Please note that chat service is available from
8:00 am till 8:00 pm
We are available to help you through calling :
For ADSL & Fixed Lines or
1777,077 7700177
For Internet Everywhere & Mobile