Orange bill payment and recharge methods:​

  1. Orange Money: Pay your bills and recharge easily and instantly using Orange Money wallet for more information click here
  2. eFAWATEERcom Pay your billsand recharge easily and instantly using efawateercom for more information click here
  3. Orange Website: Pay your bills or recharge quickly and easily through our online payment gateway or using My Orange application click here for more information ​​​
  4. Orange shops: you can pay your bills: Fixed, Mobile & Int​ernet or recharge at any of Orange shops across the Kingdom.
  5. At the post offices: you can pay your bills at any of the Jordan Post offices ac​ross the Kingdom
  6. Now , our Subscribers and VISA or Mastercard users can use the following safe link to authorize us to deduct their monthly bills automatically from their credit card , also, they can modify or delete the transaction without the need to visit our shops click here to know more.

The accredited Banks and Credit cards at Orange

Channel (English) Fixed Mobile Internet
Arab Bank Y Y Y
Housing bank for trade & finance Y Y Y
Audeh bank Y    
Cairo Amman Bank Y Y Y
Invest Bank Y Y Y
Jordan Kuwait Bank Y Y Y
bank of Jordan Y Y Y
Société Générale De Banque – Jordanie Y Y Y
Visa credit card Y Y Y
Master credit Card Y Y Y
American Express credit card Y Y Y
National Express credit card Y Y Y