Bait Al Aileh Army

For the very first time in the Kingdom, Orange Jordan has designed a convergent offer - Bait Al Aileh Army, for current, as well as retired members of the Jordanian Armed Forces. In order to show the bravest of our countrymen just how much they are appreciated, we have decided to grant the Arab Army and security services a package with the following features:​​

  • One bill for all services
  • Special prices on ADSL offers
  • Dedicated customer service through one call center to answer all your questions and provide technical assistance
  • Free Orange Cloud storage

- In order to enjoy all these features, choose any Orange internet offer with any Orange Army mobile offers.
- The subscriber can have 1 internet line and a maximum of 5 mobile lines

You can choose from these offers and features:

Orange internet offers:

ADSL and fixed bundles Fixed line offer  ADSL speed up to  Monthly download capacity (GB)  Monthly subscription (JD)**​ 
Orange internet 4+ Alo unlimited 4 Mbps Unlimited 24.16
Orange internet 16+ 16 Mbps Unlimited 29.16
Orange internet 40+ 40 Mbps Unlimited 39.16
** Monthly subscription is subject to sales tax (16​% for ADSL, 16% for fixed line)

- 200 GB of Orange Cloud storage

Alo unlimited fixed line features:

  • Unlimited calls from fixed to any fixed or mobile line in Jordan*
  • Call internationally with lowered prices starting from 3 piasters/minute

* Fair usage policy applies (1000 minutes from fixed to mobile/month)

Orange mobile offers:

Features/offer Orange 6 Orange 7 Orange 9 Orange 11
On-net minutes        
Off-net minutes 200 Unlimited*
Minutes to Orange Fixed
Basic internet bundle 3 GB 4 GB 5 GB 7 GB
Facebook and Twitter browsing 3 GB 3 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Governorates bundle (for out of Amman use) 2 GB
Data carry over -
Unlimited internet - - -
Local SMS ​Unlimited*
Anghami Plus 2.5 JD/month Free ***
Monthly subscription (JD) 6 7 9 11

* Fair usage policy applies within defined caps on unlimited minutes and local SMS bundles (30,000 minutes to Orange mobile, 1000 minutes to other local networks and 3000 SMS)
** Including 1 GB outside peak time from 2 am to 10 am
*** Promotional offer valid till 30/10/2017  for Orange9 and Orange11
- Monthly subscription does not include tax 

Features of Orange mobile offers:

  • Data carry over: you can benefit from the remaining data in the next month
  • Unlimited internet: once you reach your bundle capacity, you can browse unlimited internet at lower speeds (with a maximum of 10 GB/month)
  • Incoming calls while roaming are for 10 piasters/minute
  • 50 GB free Orange Cloud storage
  • Unlimited calls to Wataneya Palestine*​ for Orange 11, Orange 9, Orange 7
    * ​Fair usage policy applies with a maximum of 1000 min/month. Wataneya offer is valid till 30 Apr 2017​
  • To activate Wataneya bundle dial *678#
  • To get the governorates bundle, press *126# 

Offers on available devices with ADSL bundles:

Device/offer Price
WiFi extender 19 JD
Humax Ora​nge TV box* 90 JD

* The subscriber can get a Humax Orange TV box with installments (JD 7.5 monthly over 12 months)

- 16% sales tax is added on the Humax Orange TV box

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For more information, call 1660 or 064621660 for other networks, or visit one of our shops


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