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Orange Internet Eve​rywhere Prepaid Offers​

While Orange Jordan offers a range of ADSL services, we are fully aware of the fact that it might not be possible for you to install this kind of line at your location; or that you simply might need more flexibility with your broadband internet and want to be able to connect to a high speed internet from any location with network signal.

This is precisely why we are offering our Internet Everywhere prepaid service. You can take advantage of one of our bundles and enjoy a great 3G or 4G connection. Once you’ve spent the data that comes when subscribing for the service, you can recharge your account with the help of scratch cards, e-recharge or through credit transfer.

Internet Everywhere prepaid line allows you to go online practically wherever you are. If you often work outside the office and would like to have a video chat with someone when on a picnic, or want to be able to play your favorite online game on a long bus drive without having to use unprotected public networks, this service might be perfect for you.

3G Prepaid
Initial Bundle 24​GB
Free 7.2M Dongle
For​ 15 JOD
4G Prepaid offer
Initial Bundle 17GB
Sim only
Fo​r 6 JOD


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