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Orange 2 Line

1 GB main internet bundle
1 GB Facebook browsing
60 minutes to other local networks
Unlimited minutes to Orange mobile*
Unlimited local SMS*
For 2.63​​​ JOD/week tax inclusive when recharging with Nos B Nos scratch​ cards
For the first time in Jordan, we’re unifying all networks so you can enjoy unlimited calls to any network with the new Orange 2 line. Enjoy the best 4G with the leading internet provider in Jordan, as well as more rewards and benefits the longer you’re with us.

*Terms & Conditions​:

  • Fair usage policy applies on unlimited minutes with a maximum of 30,000 minutes/month to Orange mobile and 3000 local SMS/month​​
Saving is guaranteed with Nos B Nos scratch cards:
  • When you recharge with Nos B Nos scratch cards, the recharged value will be split equally b​etween voice balance and internet balance
  • When you renew your subscription using Nos B Nos scratch cards, the subscription amount will be deducted from both the voice and internet balances, noting that the maximum deductible amount from the internet balance is 50% from the overall subscription
  • Nos B Nos scratch cards are valid for these offers only: Orange 11, Orange 9, Orange​ 7, Orange 6, Orange 5, Orange 2 and Humat al Watan 3
Wataneya Palestine Bundle
Unlimited calls to Wataneya Palestine to stay connected with your family and friends all the time.

Dial *678# to choose ​one of the following :​

  • 2JDs/month
  • 0.5JDs​ piasters/week

Get it for free when migrating to Orange 11, 9 or 7 by dialing *200# then activate Wataneya bundle by dialing *678#
Terms & Conditions
  • To keep your line active, you need to recharge it with the subscription fee within 60 days from entering the soft suspension period, after that, the line will enter a grace period for 30 days after which the line and contract will be terminated
  • Unlimited monthly calls for local networks is capped at 30,000 to Orange mobile, and is capped at 1,000 minutes to other local networks
  • Unlimited local SMS is capped at 3,000 SMS/month
  • Fair usage policy applies on unlimited calls to Wataneya Palestine with a maximum of 1000 min/month. Wataneya offer is valid till 30 Apr 2017​
Important short codes
  • *200# to select your desired offer
  • *155# to check your balance and remaining bundles
  • *152# to renew your subscription at any time
  • *165# to check additional internet bundles​
Mobile internet bundles
Do you need more data? Select one of the new simplified mobile internet options by dialling *777#

  • 2 GB valid for 30 d​ays for 5 JOD
  • 1 GB valid for 30 days for 3 JOD
  • 1 GB valid for 7 days for 2 JOD
  • 1 GB valid for 24 hours for 1 JOD
Out of bundle rate
- 2 piasters/minutes to all local networks
- 3 piasters/local SMS
- 20 piasters/MB


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