Always-On Data
Always-on data is designed to give you peace of mind, giving you free access to the internet at a reduced speed once you use up all your internet bundles. You can restore full speed by renewing your subscription anytime or by buying an internet bundle  
Stay connected even if you use up all y​our MB

Saving is guaranteed with Nos B Nos scratch cards:

  • When you recharge with Nos B Nos scratch cards, the recharged value will be split equally between voice balance and internet balance
  • When you renew your subscription using Nos B Nos scratch cards, the subscription amount will be deducted from both the voice and internet balances, noting that the maximum deductible amount from the internet balance is 50% from the overall subscription

Ooredoo ​ Palestine Bundle

Need more minutes to Ooredoo Palestine? Stay connected with your family and friends all the time with our Ooredoo bundles .​

Dial *678# to choose​ one of the following :

  • 1000 Minutes valid for 30 days for 1 JD 
  • 250 Minutes valid for 7 days for 0.25 JD​​

Get it for free when migrating to Orange Orange 8+ new, Orange 10+ new and Orange 15+ new by dialing *200# then activate Ooredoo bundle by dialing *678#

*Ooredoo Palestine offer is valid till 31 Dec 2021


*Terms & Conditions​:

  • Fair usage policy applies on unlimited minutes with a maximum of : 35,000 minutes/month to Orange mobile and 3500 local SMS (maximum 120 SMS/day)
  • Always-on data is at a lower speed with a maximum of 1 GB per month
  • Monthly subscriptions are valid for 30 days
  • Calls are rated per minute

Out of bundle rate

- 2 piasters/minutes to all local networks

- 3 piasters/local SMS

- 8 piasters / International SMS

- 20 piasters/MB


Do you need more internet ?

  • Upgrade to Orange 7+ New through *200#
  • Buy additional Internet bundle through My Orange App

Important short codes

  • *200# to select your desired offer
  • *155# to check your balance and remaining bundles
  • *152# to renew your subscription at any time
  • *165# to check additional internet bundles​
  • *156# to know your offer

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