Orange 7+ line

For 9.18 JOD/month tax inclusive when recharging with Nos B Nos scratch cards​
12 GB Internet
  • Unlimited calls & SMS to all local networks*
  • 12 GB main internet bundle
  • Unlimited calls to Wataniya Palestine*
  • Data carry-over
  • Always-on data*
Always-On Data
Stay connected even if you use up all y​our MB
Data Carryover
Don't lose what you don't use
Saving is guaranteed with Nos B Nos scratch cards:
  • When you recharge with Nos B Nos scratch cards, the recharged value will be split equally between voice balance and internet balance
  • When you renew your subscription using Nos B Nos scratch cards, the subscription amount will be deducted from both the voice and internet balances, noting that the maximum deductible amount from the internet balance is 50% from the overall subscription
*Terms & Conditions​:
  • Monthly fair usage policy for minutes & SMS applies as follows: 30,000 minutes to Orange mobile, 1,000 minutes to other local networks and 3,000 local SMS (100 SMS/day).
  • Fair usage policy applies on unlimited calls to Wataniya Palestine with a maximum of 1000 min/month, and this offers is valid till 30 Nov 2018
  • Always-on data is at a lower speed with a maximum of 6 GB per month.
  • Monthly subscriptions are valid for 30 days.
  • These offers are available for sale for a limited period
Out of bundle rate
- 2 piasters/minutes to all local networks
- 3 piasters/local SMS
- 20 piasters/MB
Mobile internet bundles
Do you need more data? Select one of the new simplified mobile internet bundles by dialing *770# or *104#

  • Monthly bundles:
    • 30 GB valid for 30 days for 10 JD
    • 10 GB valid for 30 days for 5 JD
    • 5 GB valid for 30 days for 3 JD
  • Weekly bundles:
    • 3 GB valid for 7 days for 2 JD
  • Daily bundles:
    • 1 GB valid for 24 hours for 1 JD
Important short codes
  • *200# to select your desired offer
  • *155# to check your balance and remaining bundles
  • *152# to renew your subscription at any time
  • *165# to check additional internet bundles​
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Orange Live chat

WELCOME TO Orange Live Chat.
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Please note that chat service is available from
8:00 am till 8:00 pm
We are available to help you through calling :
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