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Best Deal on Fiber Internet in Jordan​​

If you’re looking for the fastest internet in Jordan, you’ve come to the right place! As Kingdom’s most reputable provider of integrated communications services, Orange Jordan provides its loyal customers with the richest array of fixed, mobile and internet services in Amman and throughout Jordan. Check out Orange Internet offers and rest assured you will find the one that best suits your individual needs. Thanks to its rich knowledge and enviable experience in the industry, Orange Jordan familiarized itself with its customers’ needs, and has focused on designing solutions that would meet them. Join our little family to get a higher bandwidth and unlimited download capacities with fiber internet in Jordan.
Orange Fiber 50
Speed 50Mbps
Download Unlimited
Buy now *​ ( Covered areas )
Pre order now ( Not covered areas )
Orange Fiber 100
Speed 100Mbps
Download Unlimited
Buy now * ( Covered areas )
Pre order now ( Not covered areas )
Orange Fiber 200
Speed 200Mbps
Download Unlimited
Buy now * ( Covered areas )
Pre order now ( Not covered areas )
* Fiber service is currently available in Dabouq , Al Rahmanieh, Shemisani, Jandaweel, Um Uthaina west , Fuhais, Irbid – Rabiea , Abdoun Shamali , ​and coming soon in new areas​.​
Experiencing the latest fast technology
Up to 200 JD
discount on smart TV's
from Smart buy with Orange fiber
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What is Fiber Internet

Fiber optic internet owes its ever-growing popularity to the fact that it represents the latest advancement in broadband technology and it is one of the fastest internet connection types in the world.

The name fiber optic derives from the use of plastic or glass fiber cables which transfer data using photons (quantums of light), in comparison to the standard copper cables which utilise wire used in regular broadband connections, allowing faster data transfer.

Nevertheless, fiber internet is basically the same as regular broadband connections you’ll find in Amman, as well as the rest of the Kingdom, meaning you don’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg for high-tech computer - fiber optic doesn’t require any extraordinary software or hardware, what makes it incredibly easy to use.

Increase in speed is the obvious advantage of fiber internet, as it enables you to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music and play games faster than ever before. Orange Jordan internet offers are the most affordable ones on the market, so take advantage of our unique packages and experience internet speed of up to 200 Mbps.

Because of the high costs of implementation, fiber optic internet is not available worldwide. Just like with every new major telecommunication technology, it is being introduced into highly populated areas where a good ROI is expected. Taking this into consideration, it is more than obvious that fiber optic in Jordan represents a unique offer that should not be miss out on.

For Amman startups on the rise, enterprises, as well as those who simply love downloading large quantities of data, streaming films, playing online games and using multiple internet devices, Orange fiber is a must.


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