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You will enjoy the quali​​ty of our n​etwork, connecting you to the widest range of essential services​

We offer​ you the most diverse, advanced and innovative Mobile, Internet and Fixed services so you can enjoy the world’s latest technologies and best network quality wherever you are.​​
We keep you connected. With emergency services SOS, we offer you SOS credit or SOS data bundles when your mobile credit or internet ru​n out.
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With the “No Credit Beep” service, the person you are trying to call will get an SMS letting them know that you tried to call them.
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We offer you Wi-Fi extenders at our sales shops to extend your internet coverage and enjoy the best connection experience at your house/office.
We connect you immediately with our broadband services when you request internet services ,in case of trouble , we offer you with " Internet Everywhere " until your internet is installed.


Orange Live chat

WELCOME TO Orange Live Chat.
Chat Service Allows you to communicate with our Advisors in order to get help.

Please note that chat service is available from
8:00 am till 8:00 pm
We are available to help you through calling :
For ADSL & Fixed Lines or
1777,077 7700177
For Internet Everywhere & Mobile