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Orange Jordan: Setting a new standard for sustainable CSR

Being part of a global group that promotes sustainable socioeconomic development in the markets within which it operates, Orange Jordan has an unwavering commitment to the Jordanian community, positioning itself as a direct partner to its various segments as well as a trendsetter in the field of social responsibility. The operator has effectively translated this commitment into a long-term, far-reaching CSR strategy tailored to deliver measurable value to its various stakeholders.

Orange Jordan’s CSR vision aligns itself with the operator’s Essentials 2020 strategy, which places both the customer and community as its core focus. This vision identifies three strategic pillars as its key drivers: being a trusted operator by serving as a guide for the digital world; a committed operator by serving socio-economic development with innovative digital services; and a green operator by adopting and promoting energy and ecological transformation.

What sets Orange’s vision apart is the fact that it makes a clear distinction between philanthropy and CSR, underscoring the importance of creating products, services and programs that directly benefit different community segments while still addressing stakeholder concerns. This has allowed the operator to leverage on its expertise and services to consistently create sustainable programs that tackle pivotal sectors, such as education, environmental preservation and entrepreneurship, in addition to formulating long-term partnerships with key civil society organizations to improve the quality of life of underprivileged communities.

As a result, the operator has amassed an impressive track record of programs that tackle sustainable development at the grassroots level. These include several e-learning initiatives such as Zidni Elman (Enrich my Knowledge), which utilizes smart devices like tablets and desktop computers to deliver interactive after-school curricula for students; Minhaji, which saw the operator partnering with the Jordanian Ministry of Education to digitize school curricula; and partnering with UNICEF’s Makani program, by providing out-of-school children living in the Zaatari Refugee Camp with digital kits to access e-learning curricula anytime, anywhere.

Equally significant achievements were made in the arena of environmental preservation, including the Orange Buyback Campaign, which is designed to minimize the impact of electronic waste (WEEE) on the environment through careful collection, storage, recycling and elimination practices; and the Orange Solar Farms Project, which will allow Orange to source 80-100% of its energy needs exclusively from solar power.

Orange has also cultivated a diverse network of partnerships with key local civil society organizations, including The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), Tkiyet Um Ali, Generations for Peace and others. These partnerships have resulted in a plethora of programs targeting less fortunate communities nationwide, and will continue to play a key role within the operator’s CSR strategy.

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