eLearment online learning service

To bring your children closer to learning with the latest technology, Orange is giving you the first education application, eLearment , which includes primary educational courses for your children to learn in a fun and easy way. Orange Fiber Internet subscribers and ADSL subscribers can enjoy this application for JD 4/month.
"eLearment" application benefits:

  • The Application includes over 1500 interactive lessons for primary subjects, in line with the national curriculum


  • Application includes material starting from first grade until sixth grade
  • "eLearment" application can be accessed on your tablet or mobile and is available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  • To activate this service you need to have the content activation card, available in our shops.

content activation card price with Orange Internet offers:

Internet offers Content activation card price (cash payment) Content activation card price (12 month instalments)
Orange Fiber offers JD 20* JD 4/month
ADSL offers
Orange 4G offers -

- The monthly instalment will be added to the subscriber’s monthly internet bill
- 16% sales tax will be added to the card’s price
- Service subscription card is valid for 12 months and the customer can renew it after the expiry date
- 20JD per year insteaed of 35 JD for limited quantity
- Install eLearment application and enjoy the trail period.

How to subscribe to the application:

  • Visit your nearest Orange shop and purchase the application’s content activation card
  • Download eLearment application to your tablet or mobile through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  • When using the activation code on the card, enter it on the application to activate your 12-month subscription
  • Up to 3 of your children can enjoy the application through 3 different devices

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