Keep up with your Religious Duties with our Emani Service
While most of our services are geared towards saving you some money, providing entertainment services and convenience or allowing you to customize your package, we didn't forget about the spiritual aspects of life. Our Emani service is meant to provide you with a way to observe your religious duties wherever you find yourself.
By subscribing to this service you’ll gain access to a number of sacred writings and songs, enabling you to use your mobile device to listen to them, or set prayer time alerts. Since the internet connection is not required to use this service, this means that as long as you have your phone with you, you can learn from these texts.
While this might be a somewhat unorthodox way to enjoy these writings, the fact that you can have them instantly available whenever you need their wisdom or the comfort they provide should be enough to make you consider this service.
Keep in touch with your religious duties. You can use any mobile at any time, even without internet connection available, you can listen to:

  • The complete Holly​ Quran
  • Tasabih
  • Prayer time alerts
  • Ayat from Quran
  • Live prayers from Mecca
  • Islamic Dua
  • Islamic songs​
  • Hadith

Subscription fee:

9 piasters/day
50 piasters/week

How to subscribe:

Call the free number 090090001

To unsubscribe send 3 by SMS to 97741

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emani service  

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