Feed W Estafeed service


Get your friends to join Orange, so you and your friends can enjoy free credit with the "Feed-W-Estafeed" service.


I am 077, how can I benefit?

  • Dial *207# to receive your promo code or through register button below.
  • Give this code to your friend who bought a new Orange+ line and ask them to dial *207*Your promo code# from their mobile line
  • For each friend that subscribes to Orange+ and uses your promo code, you will each receive JD 1/month for 3 months
  • You can invite up to 5 friends
  • Don’t forget to renew your subscription so you & your friends can receive the extra credit

For example: If you have an Orange 8+ prepaid line and your promo code is 123456, then your friend should dial *207*123456# and as soon as they do, you will receive your first JD 1 of extra credit and so will your friend

I am a new 077 subscriber, how can I benefit?
  • Get the promo code from a friend with an Orange line
  • Press *207*promo code# within 2 days of activating the line
  • Now you will start having the free credit , 1 JD/Month for 3 months

For example: If your friend’s promo code is 123456, then you should dial *207*123456#

After staying one month with Orange, you can then start inviting your friends as well and enjoy the extra credit by dialing *207# to register for the service and receive your own promo code to share with your friends.

Important information to remember:

  • To know your free credit balance, dial *207#
  • You can use the extra credit to renew your monthly subscription, local & international calls, send SMS's and buy data bundles
  • Lines included within this service are Orange 15+, Orange 15+ New, Orange 12+ New, Orange 11+, Orange 10+ New, Orange 9+, Orange 9+ New, Orange 8+, Orange 7+, Orange 7+ New, Orange 6+, Orange 6+ New, Orange 5+, Orange 3, Orange 2, Humat Al Watan Offers, Alo Umm Alduniya 7, Alo Umm Alduniya 8, Alo Umm Alduniya 10, Ghair Shekel, Ghair Shekel+, Yalla Shbab

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