Orange fiber family


Now with Orange, you and your connections can subscribe to the Fiber service and enjoy free months.


If you have been an Orange Fiber subscriber for over a month or you’re looking to become a new subscriber, then you can join the Club and enjoy free months just by visiting our website and registering:

I’m an Orange Fiber subscriber, how can I join and benefit from the Orange Fiber Club?

Get your connection to also subscribe to any Orange Fiber offer and each of you will enjoy one free month

  • Visit the following link and enter your information to receive your promo code
  • Give your promo code to your connection who should be living in fiber covered areas
  • For every new connection who gets the Orange Fiber service and uses your promo code, you and they will receive one month free Fiber subscription after having the Fiber installed for your connection
  • Get 5 connection in a year
  • Remember to keep your Fiber line active and payed for, in order to enjoy the free months
  • This offer only for residential offers
  • The free months are out of commitment
  • The first bill need to be paid and with zero balance

I would like to subscribe to Orange Fiber, how can I join and benefit from the Orange Fiber Club?
  • If your connection in the fiber covered areas is a Fiber subscriber and has convinced you to subscribe, apply for the service at any Orange shop and wait for your line to become active
  • Once your Fiber subscription is active, take the promo code from your sponsor who has an Orange Fiber line, click on #link# and enter your information and your sponsor’s promo code within 14 days from activating your line
  • Now you will get one free month upon the issuance of your first bill after subscription
  • And now you can also invite your connection, once your line has been active for a minimum of one month, and receive an additional free month for each connection who is referred by you and limited up to 5 connection
  • After one month of registration, you will receive an SMS and an e-mail to your mobile number and e-mail provided upon registration, so that you can redeem your one free month for each connection you have referred
  • This offer only for residential offers
  • The free months are out of commitment


If you are already an Orange Fiber subscriber and your connection was referred by you, then you should give your connection the promo code you have received by SMS so he/she can enter it on the registration page. Once they have entered the promo code, you will both receive an SMS telling you that you are now both members of the Orange Fiber Club and that you will both receive free Fiber subscription for the following month.

Frequently asked questions

If you are orange fiber customer with 1 month old “1 issued” or new fiber customer you will be eligible to join our club to have benefiting our promotion months
You need to visit and press orange fiber club tab which located in the first page
The email address will be the user name, and the password will be assigned by you upon registration
Sponsor is orange fiber one month old customer "1 issued" who sign a membership thru orange website – Orange club page and verify his registration within his information to enable him to invite new customers to be under his own account thru promotion code
Member is orange fiber new customer who have promo code which been provided by the sponsor in order to join orange fiber club
Its number of digits that been generated by orange fiber club site thru sponsor page to be shared with new customers “members” in order to have digital relation and benefit from this to gain promotion
Upon your registration the website will ask you to assign mobile number & email to send the promotion code to them

- Invitation tab: you can apply the invitee email / mobile number in order to invite them to the program Statement of account: if you are sponsor you can check the free months status and from which member you benefit or any pending free months there is. If you are a member you will check when is your free month and from which sponsor you getting it

- Get promo code: this tab will be available for the sponsor to get his promo code per member

- Change password: this tab is to enable you change your password when you access the website MGM page

The sponsor will get his free month once a new member is added and active on the billing system first month after the validation of the promotion code thru the member and successful relation is done, the sponsor will find the successful relation in statement of account page.

The member will get his free month once he activate the fiber line and use the promotion code on the MGM page thru our orange fiber club site, SMS will be send to the member of the successful relation

Orange Live chat

WELCOME TO Orange Live Chat.
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Please note that chat service is available from
8:00 am till 8:00 pm
We are available to help you through calling :
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