Auto Voice Service

Orange provides you Auto Voice Service that helps you organize and manage your calls, without wasting any time

You can activate the service on your existing number or with a new number

You will got these features

  1. 3000 incoming calls to IVR
    -After consuming the 3000 minutes, you will be recharged JD 5 for each bundle of 500 minutes
  2. Divert calls
    1. Unlimited calls diverted to fixed line
    2. 60 minutes diverted to all networks
      -After consuming the 60 minute you will be charged 3 piaster per minute
  3. The callers to your IVR number can listen to recorded prompts
  4. The callers to your number can record a voice mail for you

The offer

Service subscription: JD 5/month
Installation fee: a one time of JD 20

You can also refer to a specialized company to record your prompts for JD 30.

And for any other later modification it will be for JD 15

Also you can find our Pro champions in the following shops: Swefieh,Sweileh,Gardens,Abdali, Khayam, Tla’a Al Ali, Zarqa, Aqaba and Irbid


Orange Live chat

WELCOME TO Orange Live Chat.
Chat Service Allows you to communicate with our Advisors in order to get help.

Please note that chat service is available from
8:00 am till 8:00 pm
We are available to help you through calling :
For ADSL & Fixed Lines or
1777,077 7700177
For Internet Everywhere & Mobile