Dandana RingBack Tone

Change the traditional “TOOT TOOT TOOT” ringback tone and let your friends enjoy our newest tones with DANDANA service!

You can either add one tone for only 0.20JD per week, or if one tone is not enough for you, we created a MUSIC BOX with 3 preset tones which will automatically shuffle every time your callers try to reach you for 0.50JD per week

Also with "STATUS RINGBACK TONE" you can let your callers listen to what you’re doing throughout the day before picking up the phone

For example, if you are in a meeting, you can set the below tone:

Dandana Ringback Tones


Any mobile customer can set a tone from Dandana service for 20 piasters/week and let his callers listen to it when they call him, and he will get a chance to enter a draw to win 100 JD.

The draw will be The draw will be bi-weekly on two winners; each winner will get a prize of 100 JD. Army customers will get one week free when they subscribe through Outbound Dialer channel & iSMS campaigns, in addition to their chance to enter the draw to win 100 JD.

To add your tone NOW simply call 090090900 for free or dial *949#

or visit Dandana website

**the service will be automatically renewed every 7 days

And NOW for the first time in Jordan, you can record your tone in your own voice with Isma3ni from Dandana, call 090090900 and record your tone.