Ringback Tones App Dandana

While we are devoted to connecting and unifying people, we also enjoy helping them express their individuality. Our Dandana ringback tones service allows you to do that. If you choose to subscribe for it, you will be able to browse through our huge base of ringback tones, including songs from your favorite artists and other popular tunes, and select which one do you want your callers to hear while waiting for you to answer.

You can designate specific ringback tones to people in your contacts list, which means that this app can not only help you express yourself, but perhaps also put a smile on someone’s face, or remind them of something you share.​

Dandana is a service that gives you the ability to be unique and have a different ring back tone when someone calls you.

Do not stick to the old TOOT TOOT TOOT ring back tone, let your callers how you feel and know what music you like!

What is Dandana for?

Dandana from Orange makes it easier for you to find the tones that suit your mood and explore new tones.

How do I benefit from Dandana?

  • Set different Dandana to your special ones.
  • Preview and listen to your favorite tones.
  • Get Access to more than 17,000 tunes.

Perfect! How do I subscribe?

All you have to do is call 090090900 now and choose your favorite tone!​

What is the price and validity of the tone?

Tone subscription fee is for 20 piasters and is valid for 1 week. ​

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