find public information from the goverment such as tra​​​ffic tickets, Weather conditions with our e-gov SMS alerts

Traffic tickets  know more about your traffic​ tickets send c to 94444 for free
Car Registration don't forget your car registration due date to avoid any extra fines to subscribe send 61 to 94444
General Ifta Department send your questions to the Ifta department to get an answer on any topic, to send your question send 122, to subscribe send 121 to 94444
Weather conditions get 3 days forecast for the weather department send 101 to 94444
Income tax get information about your income tax send 51 then space then your national number for individuals, and 42 then space then national number of your business establishment to 94444
Home ownership tax get information about your home ownership tax send 43 send space then national number to 94444
Competitive ranking get information about your competitive ranking from the Civil Service Bureau send 71 to 94444
Water invoices receive your water invoice on your mobile send 81 to 94444
Royal Jordanian receive flight information about Royal Jordanian send 23 to 94444
Al Zakat to receive a calculation on your Zaka send 123 to 94444
Ask the government ask the goverment send 180 then space then your question to 94444
Your health is our responsibility get health tips for a better and healthier life
Water Authority get the best tips on how to save on water consumtion send 131 to 94444
Amman Municipality Complaints send your Amman Municipality complaints , send 42 then space then your complaint to 94444
Royal Cultural Center get the latest events in the Royal Cultural Center send 111 to 94444
Ministry of Culture get the latest events in amman on your mobile send 201 to 94444

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