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Fixed Line Additions

  • Call Forward: diverting calls to other destinations of yo​ur choice
  • Caller ID: identifying the caller's number.
  • Wake-up Call: using the telephone as an alarm clock
  • Call Barring: disabling the zero button to stop mobile and international outgoing calls.
  • Hotline: just pick up the phone and wait for five seconds, and the telephone will dial a programmed number of your choice.
  • Call Waiting: receive phone calls while you are on the telephone. You can conduct two separate conversations simultaneously.
  • Short Dialing: assigning a two-digit code for important numbers to be dialed automatically.
  • Don't Disturb: your phone can be set to silent-mode whenever you want. All incoming calls will be barred.
  • Three-way Conference: connecting three people together through one call.

service fees

required services old monthly fees JD new monthly fees JD
1 service JD0.66 JD0.66
2 services JD1.20 JD1.10
3 services JD1.73 JD1.50
4 services not available not available
5 services JD3.33 JD2.00

service notes

  • Voice Mail service is free of charge
  • we won't charge you any fees for subscription or cancellation in any of the supplementary services
  • you can obtain the activation and deactivation steps either through calling 1214 or through obtaining the activation booklet from shops
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