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Islamic prayer  Start your day with the most beautiful prayers that bring you closer to Allah in arabic. Send د to: 97600  7 piasters per sms you receive twice a day. To unsubscribe,  please send unsub د to 97600
Ahadeth Increase your religious information with Ahaadith and Prophet Mohammad Sunan, you will receive it daily on your phone in arabic. To subscribe send 22 to 97600 7 piasters per sms you receive twice a day.To unsubscribe,  please send unsub 22 to 97600
Do3aa Audio Get an audio clips for the most popular Islamic Do3aa such as: “Do3aa Ramadan, Do3aa Khetm Al Qura’an, Do3aa Al Rezq” and much more, to subscribe send 3 to 98896, service price 20 piaster per message, to unsubscribe send u3 to 98896.

To keep up with your religious duties, opt for our Emani service.

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