Handset Screen Protection service

Handset Screen Protection 

Because you always want to be worry-free,we offer you handset screen replacement in case of breakage with our handset after sales service starting from JD/1 month when you buy any device from our shops.

Handset Price (JD) Monthly Protection fee (JD) Yearly Protection fee (JD)
Handset Screen protection 300 JD and below  1 12
Handset Screen protection more than 300 JD 3 36


  • All Packages above covered the cracked screen only for mobile and tablets only.​
  • Prepaid subscribers can benefit only from the yearly protection service.
  • Pay Monthly subscribers can benefit from the monthly & yearly protections service.
  • The above prices subject to 16% sales tax
  • Limits : 2 claims against policy period .
  • Excess for claim : 15 JD  tax inclusive.


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