My Status Mobile Service

Looking for a simple yet highly efficient way to display a phone calling status to the person on the other side of the line trying to reach you? Opt for My Status mobile service to simply write your status that will appear on other people’s screens when they call you. 

From the moment it was first established, Orange Jordan became the leading provider of integrated communications services in the Kingdom. It prides itself on its wide range of fixed, mobile and internet services, as well as an enviable customer base larger than 4 million. What sets Orange Jordan apart from all of its competitors is its tendency towards innovation. My Status phone calling status service is one of the finest examples of how Orange Jordan contributed to the telecommunications services. This service represents the new-age answering machine that displays your message to the person trying to reach you. My Status mobile service puts an end to generic messages once and for all and allows you to inform people on your exact location and activities you are involved in at a particular moment. 

Whether you are at work, school, in the meeting, working out or just looking to get some rest in the afternoon, all you have to do now is write a status about it and the person calling you will be updated. Remember the time when your loved ones called you and worried sick because you didn’t answer your phone instantly? With phone calling status service such as My Status mobile service, those days are behind you. With just one simple sentence you can let everyone know you are busy and will get back to them as soon as possible. 



Subscription price:

-Weekly: JD 0.25 / Week

How to subscribe:

Send the status that you want to 97700


​Action Keyword- English
Unsubscribe      Unsub Status  
Hiding status         Hide status  
Showing Status      Show status      
Subscribe & Set/ Update Status ​ <Status text>    ​


Send 20 to 97700
Send 21 to 97700
Send 22 to 97700
Send 59 to 97700
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