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With Orange Cloud, your files are following you everywhere. Your devices photos, videos & files are automatically saved and you can access them at any time.

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Orange cloud

Your photos, videos, music, files and contacts are automatically backed up and securely stored on Orange Cloud. You can access them at any time, from anywhere, via PC or mobile device. You can create your family & friends groups and share with them your content easily; moreover you can upload content from your Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Don’t worry about the data costs as the upload and download of content on Orange Cloud is free of charge on Orange mobile network. Eligible offers can get up to unlimited of online storage for free!

The Eligible offers

Storage capacity


Pay monthly



Yo 7 & Yo 8 - 5 GB

Yo 9 & Yo 10 - Unlimited


Orange 30 & above - Unlimited


  Fiber 100 & above -Unlimited






Offer’s validity

Offer’s validity

Offer’s validity

Only the existing customers, who used to benefit from Orange Cloud service, will be able to use the service with their free storage capacity.
And any other customer from the non mentioned offers above can purchase the unlimited storage for JD 2/month


Store securely

Your content is automatically stored on the Cloud: photos, videos, music, files, but also contacts. No need to think about backing-up your devices anymore, Orange Cloud does it for you. Up to unlimited of online storage

Easily access your files

All your contents are accessible from your mobile, your tablet or your PC. Take a picture with your phone, it will be automatically synchronized with your PC or your tablet with Orange Cloud app.

Share them quickly

Share in a click your baby's first steps video on Facebook or send your new dog's pictures with your friends group. You can easily and quickly share all your saved content on your Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Mobile & IEW

Install Orange Cloud application from App store or Play store and you can use the service by visiting

Create your account
  • After installing the app, enter your mobile number & a password.
  • You will receive a verification code by SMS: enter the code in the field.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enjoy using the application.

ADSL & Fiber

Create your account
  • Call 1214 and request for a Cloud account.
  • Give the agent an updated email address.
  • You will receive an activation email within 24h. Click on the reset password link to choose your password for Orange Cloud.

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