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Orange email

When you subscribe to ADSL, you will get free email addresses with e-mail box storage capacity up to 2GB; you can share more pictures, files and videos with all your family and friends and keep your memories alive!

How can I access my e-mail address :

The Orange username and password you're using for accessing the internet; can be used to access your e-mail account. just enter your username and password on the homepage, in the e-mail box field, then, you can enjoy your 2 GB of storage capacity! if you face any issues, please contact us on 06 460 8888.

Change orange email address:

  1. You can as well visit one of our shops or call our customer care on 06 460 8888.

Note: your new password will be by default "new 123" and you can change it directly when you access your email from my settings field.

Change orange email password:

enter to your email homepage my setting change password.

Free additional e-mail addresses:

Because you are Orange customer, you can enjoy for additional mails, you can get 2 mails, you can send us an official request through our fax 064600669; or an email to

J​ust give us a call at 06 460 8888 in order to choose and activate your additional mailboxes.

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Orange Live chat

WELCOME TO Orange Live Chat.
Chat Service Allows you to communicate with our Advisors in order to get help.

Please note that chat service is available from
8:00 am till 8:00 pm
We are available to help you through calling :
For ADSL & Fixed Lines or
1777,077 7700177
For Internet Everywhere & Mobile