Social Media services

with Social Media services get connected to Facebook and send Tweets without connecting to the internet



Twitter SMS service enables customers to access Twitter Via SMS where users can receive notifications on tweets and tweet from their mobiles even without being connected to the internet

to subscribe

Through mobile:

  1. send "start" to 91202 and then follow the instruction
  2. wait for a confirmation message
  3. send your account name and follow the steps

through website:

  1. log into Twitter account and go to the settings menu
  2. select "Mobile" and choose the country code
  3. enter the mobile number and then click on "Start"
  4. the customer will receive a verification code on his mobile to be used to continuing the subscription

Price for this service:

Sending SMS cost is 3 piaster's/message. Receiving tweets is free of charge

Twitter Commands:

To start following a user: FOLLOW Username
To stop following a user: UNFOLLOW Username
To turn all Twitter notifications on or off: ON/OFF
To set Twitter notifications for a user on or off: ON/OFF Username
To re-tweet a user's latest tweet: RT Username
To select a user's latest tweet as a favorite: FAV Username
To send a message to a user: D Username your – message

for more commands please visit the following page



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