Business Cloud

I work all the time and I need to be able to access my data from anywhere

You're business is one of the most important things in your life. You need to be able to access your documents from anywhere, so you can work at your convenience. With your Business Cloud service this is now possible.

Your way to on-demand, flexible, and secured computing resources that keeps your business in harmony.

Business Cloud from provides you with secure and virtual infrastructure and applications that will allow you to host and manage your data anywhere, anytime.

Your Orange Business Service offers you cloud –based services worldwide; therefore we understand how much accessing your data is vital to you.

This is how your Cloud solution will benefit your business:

Your cloud is local

Your Orange cloud infrastructure is hosted locally, in your advanced Tier 3 data center. High availability and redundancy are the basis of your solution.

Cloud options are available

We at Orange designed different computing resources & applications packages that will suit your usage pattern. We put the options in your hand, and you only need to choose.

Safeguard your data

Your Cloud infrastructure is both physically and virtually protected. Access to your data is secure, with your Business Internet and your Business VPN solutions you will reach your data the way you see it convenient.

Saving is the word

With your flexible on-demand infrastructure, you will only use what you need at the time you need it.

See your cloud at all times

With your Cloud portal you will be able to access, update, and monitor your cloud solution wherever you have internet connectivity.