Business VPN

Because I’m a small business owner I need an internet service that keeps me connected all the time and allows me to transfer data.

Because you're a small business owner your working hours are nonstop, so you need an internet service that allows you to work anywhere at any time. With your Business VPN and internet service you work whenever you please at anytime with zero hassle.

Industry-leading Business VPN and Business Internet services keeps you connected with your work anywhere, anytime, and allow you to transfer data with ultimate ease, speed, and without interruption.

Your Orange Business Services manage more than 300,000 connections worldwide, so you can stay connected to your business.

Solution description

Your Orange brings this solution, which is not only composed of connectivity but a combination of both Network access and Services:

Network Solution

Your Orange Business Services proposes delivering the traffic using its IP VPN service, which is built on top of your leading edge, private, and secure network. With multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based architecture as a core component, this network enables enterprises to achieve business success. Whether it is as simple as a hub and spoke or as complex as any-to-any connectivity, your IP VPN provides an adaptable architecture for timely "rightsizing" to satisfy your needs. Our IP VPN uses a "future-enabled" architecture that can incrementally add application service modules such as voice over IP (VoIP), Telepresence, and managed options for enhanced security.

Your Orange globally has gained wide acceptance of its IPVPN with over 1400 customers and growing using this service. Our success in understanding and meeting individual customer requirements was also shown in our "Best in Class" ranking for the third consecutive year in Telemark Services prestigious IP customer satisfaction survey.

Business Solutions key service features

Fully secured VPN

The MPLS technology provides you with secure traffic isolation. The MPLS-based VPNs are as secure as in a frame relay or leased line network.

Variety of access methods

Access methods currently available include Ethernet, frame relay, and Interne t access, Digital Subscriber line (DSL), fibre, 3G, etc.

Class of service (CoS) management

Your IP VPN CoS will prioritize your applications between voice, multimedia, and data traffic with five levels of priority. This allows for bandwidth optimization while preserving critical application.

Contingency solutions

From the simple ADSL backup to a fully redundant solution that secures all communication elements, our Business VPN / Busness Internet provides enhanced contingency solutions that allow up to 100% of site availability.

Monitoring tool

From basic monitoring of bandwidth and CPE to the monitoring of IP SLAs and Class of Service, your NetCare tool will keep you updated on your network's performance at all times.