​​​Data center

Co-location services

Co-location service provides you with co-location for your servers and communication equipment in a highly protected, environmentally controlled best of breed Data Center. Moreover, stable and reliable network architecture to meet the expanding business needs

Co-Location Site

The Marj Al Hamam new Data Center is located in Marj al Hamam area, southern of Amman. The Site is located on the Princess Taghreed Moh’d Street and accessible from three main roads.

Service Description

All hosting Options are available and start at the rack space to secured rooms.

Facility Features

  • Tier 3-4 Ready to Comply
  • Unmanned Facility: Orange staff can provide remote intervention upon customer request.
  • Environment: The data center offers the following automated and monitored environmental controls:
    • Air conditioning: A/C Cooling System is designed to work on stages, containment at Cold Aisle was used for the first time in Jordan in Telecom Sector, and this will save from 25-30% of the Power needed for Cooling.
    • Fire detection and protection.
    • Temperature and humidity are controlled.
    • Power: 230/240V AC. 2 UPS Feed systems (UPS A=1+1, UPS B=1+1) with 100% redundant through separate routes, scalability is available to double the existing Capacity. DC Feed is redundant at Modular & Distribution Level Along with a Grounding System to ensure highest reliability and performance.
    • The Building is protected by Excellent Grounding & Lighting Systems according to French Codes
    • Power Generator is capable of 1500KVA for up to 10 full days of operation without power source from JEPCO.

A room is available for customers to unpack, test and configure equipment before installation in their designated co-location space


  • ISO 27001 compliant and in process to get the certification. Marj Al Hamam is to be the only Data Center in Jordan with this certificate
  • Tier 3 Security: Physical security of equipment, with three layers of electronic security checks to access collocation space. All visits to the locations must be arranged for ahead of time and only allowed guests are possible to enter the facility.
  • Video Monitoring: 24x7 motion detection digital recording
  • Physical Security: The data center is staffed 24x7 with security guards.

Facilities Monitoring

Marj Al Hamam Data Center is monitored 24x7 with Physical Infrastructure Management System for tracking the allocation and utilization of critical assets inside the data center.

This system can:

  • Monitor and control power consumption per rack/customer.
  • Invoicing and reporting power usage per customer per KW/Amp
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, and airflow per rack/customer.
  • Monitor, control, track IP port and manage the port capacity.
  • Speed port activation and service request handling

Internet backbone connectivity

Marj Al Hamam Data Center is feeded with Internet from 5 separate international providers, providing a total of 20Gbps of pure Internet bandwidth for Orange customers.

Customer's Advantages

  • Allows customers to outsource hosting of all critical servers with minimum invest of infrastructure.
  • High Scalability and expandability for hosted customers if more space or bandwidth is needed.
  • Enables crucial content and data elements and related high end equipment to be closest to Orange MPLS backbone.
  • Enables customers to provide and manage content remotely.
  • Full Redundancy in terms of A/C and Power provides peace of mind for continuity of service.
  • Redundancy of Transmission routes provides no single point of failure and the least downtime.
  • Security measures are very high and monitored heavily through our centralized Monitoring Systems.
  • Enviromental and safety measures are built on high international standards providing peace of mind for customers hosted at Orange.

Connectivity Solution

Marj Al Hamam Data Center lives in the heart of Orange Jordan’s MPLS network, and Orange is ready to provide any amount of bandwidth to comply with the customer needs, and we are also available to provide free consultation on what best suits your needs.

For more information and service requests:

  1. Call your account manager.
  2. Call us on 1215.