​Machine-to-Machine Service

A Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is a technology that allows wireless systems to communicate with other devices of the same ability. M2M uses a device to capture data, which is relayed through 2G/3G network to an application (software program) located in a control room for analysis and execution. M2M communication service is a system of wireless networks through initiating a communication that expands beyond a one to one connection. Having SMS an increasingly important transmission mechanism for M2M communication, this offers increased reliability and the ability to confirm delivery of data.

Our customer can use (GSM modems, PDA devises) that will enable them to transfer required data from these devices to their server (Control Room) and vies versa.

M2M service line can only be used for data, SMS, voice, and Internet usage and the customer will be charged on real consumption.

M2M Benefits

  • High Speed to transfer the data
  • Always connected, always on
  • End-To-End Solution
  • Connect machine to another machines
  • High security service: the line combines the benefits of having security from unauthorized voice calls and attractive rates for data usage.

M2M Streams

This service can be used for the following solutions:
  • Fleet Management: the management of a company's vehicle fleet
  • Point of Sale: the management of the selling process and transactions
  • Container Assets: the management of container packaging
  • Security Solutions: energy Management, Track and Trace, Data Security, Highway SOS Solution.
  • Smart Metering: the management of consumption
  • Health Care: remote home healthcare support

For further information’s and service requests:

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