MPLS WAN connectivity

Business environments are changing. It becomes more Competitive with more impact from the introduction of the new technologies. Orange Business Services understands the new changes and accepts the challenge to help you reduce your costs and gain new values.

Orange Business Services recommends the usage of VPN MPLS service, a very convenient yet secure service that fits perfectly to the customer needs of fast and reliable connectivity service.

VPN Plug

The Orange Business Services VPN solution is structured in order to directly fit with customer needs regarding the level of service and the technical requirements.

The Orange Business Services VPN standard service elements include:

  • The requested bandwidth for the customer site (IP bandwidth),
  • The level of service and traffic management through Class of Service (Service type),
  • The customer VPN coverage (international or domestic only),
  • The full integration of the service regardless of which technology is used for the connection (access methods)
  • The customer’s VPN design and configuration,
  • The providing of regular reporting on the VPN performance (Quality of Service indicators).


Different types of VPN MPLS access methods are proposed by Orange Business Services depending on the nature of the site. Hub, remote site, small office home office (SOHO) can be connected to the customer VPN MPLS network by using the access method that offers the most technical and financial benefits.

The Orange Business Services VPN access has a flexible structure, adaptable to fit with customers' needs regarding the level of service and the technical requirements.

The IP bandwidth

Orange Business Services VPN introduces a new notion of bandwidth management which corresponds to that requested by the customer. It provides the mid-term and long-term bandwidth needs of the customer site. The leased line bandwidth can be subdivided to fit the customer's immediate needs using tunable parameters to configure between the various access types. These tuning parameters give the customer continuous flexibility to allocate as requirements change.

Terms and Conditions

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  • Prices indicated exclude the currently applied sales tax.
  • All prices are based on the currently imposed customs duties, governmental fees and taxes. Any changes on any customs duties, governmental fees, sales tax, or the introduction of any new tax after the submission of this offer shall be added to the offer’s value.
  • Prices indicated above are based on X year(s) commitment.
  • Offer should be valid for one month.
  • Services requested are subject to technical feasibility and availability in the time of order.
  • All amounts stated on each monthly invoice are due and payable within thirty (30) days after receiving the invoices.
  • This pricing is subject to standard Contract Terms and Conditions
  • In case of early termination, termination fees shall apply.
  • Customer will be charged for all internal wiring in case of exceeding 40 meters.
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