Triple Play service

Orange offers "Triple Play" service through fiber optics allowing you to enjoy high speed internet, clear telecommunications and a wide variety of TV channels

Triple Play bundlebundle specifications
Internetdownload speed (Mbps)50
upload speed (Mbps)5
download capacity (GB)60
voice linenumber of lines2
number of FXS ports2
local and national callsunlimited
IPTVTV points1
number of channels120
fees (JD)monthly fees100
installation fees400

- after exceeding the download limit, the speed will be downgraded to 512 kbps

The chosen IPTV channel package depends on customer preference of the offered packages from Orange internet, the packages might be updated every now and then, noting that the channel source has all rights to stop or edit any channel as long as an alternative is provided.

for more information, please call 1314 or 0777700177, stop by our Abdali project shop