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In the past, marketing often meant fliers jamming mailboxes, unwanted phone calls during dinner and show-stopping television commercials. Unfortunately, these campaigns were targeted in a scattershot approach, at best. If a company could get just a few people to respond from 10,000 contacts, the initiative was considered a success.

Orange changed recently, especially for large organizations in highly competitive industries. By adopting a data-driven and precisely providing by Orange, targeted approach to customer outreach, they can increase customer interaction, whether it involves signing up new customers, retaining existing ones or improving overall customer satisfaction.

  • Data workflow Studio Define and combine the algorithms customer wish to apply for your study (either from existing catalog or external ones)
  • Study wizard Define the scope of your study(time period, zone, targets etc)
  • Reporting display Generate your report

    An easy way to provide a limited web-access to your business customers:

  • With limited access to certain steps or parameters
  • Security & privacy guaranteed through strict users management

    Use Cases:

    Improving points of sales location

  • Anonymized analysis of customers path in the area
  • Customer segment taken into account

Based on :

Public demographics:
  • Crowd mobility patterns
  • Infrastructure dimensioning
Geo-marketing studies:
  • Footfall measurement
  • Event management
  • Catchment area identification
New real-time applications:
  • Payment Fraud prevention
  • Contextual advertising
  • Billboard audience measurement

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