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IVR as a service

Web callback

A new service for Intelligent Arabic Bots used to automate, improve and reduce cost of Customer Experience, Use AI to reply to your customer and ask their inquiries on different communication Channels

    Using Chatbots service, customers will:

  • Handle all offline request by efficient AI.
  • Easy service integration to reply on all customers request.

    Easy service integration to reply on all customers request:

  • Any company with customer service, offline channels.
  • Any company handle their customers request offline through the website , Facebook.

    Using an API means simplicity:

  • Fast and easy integration for developers across multiple platforms
  • Fast handshaking between across different functions.

    Service Features:

  • Intent Parsing
  • Arabic NLP
  • Dialogue Management
  • Machine Learning

Orange provides you Auto Voice Service that helps you organize and manage your calls, without wasting any time

You can activate the service on your existing number or with a new number

You will get these features

  1. 3000 incoming calls to IVR
      -After consuming the 60 minute you will be charged 3 piaster per minute
  2. Divert calls
    1. Unlimited calls diverted to fixed line
    2. 60 minutes diverted to all networks
      • -After consuming the 3000 minutes, you will be recharged 5 JD for each bundle of 500 minutes
  3. The callers to your IVR number can listen to recorded prompts
  4. The callers to your number can record a voice mail for you

The offer

Service subscription: 5 JD /month

Installation fee: a one time of 20 JD

You can also refer to a specialized company to record your prompts for 30 JD.
And for any other later modification it will be for 15 JD
Also you can find our Pro champions in the following shops: Swefieh,Sweileh,Gardens Abdali, Khayam, Tla’a Al Ali, Zarqa, Aqaba and Irbid

Let your customers ask for vocal assistance when needed Add new button to Your mobile application and your website, to let your customer request for call beck from the call center agent, with zero fees for customers, it will allow the customer care agent know better his customer and where he’s looking for the help.

    Using Call Back offer, customers will:

  • Be called back for free
  • Get a better customer experience
  • Complete online sales more often

    Call back offer customers like:

  • Call back offer customers like
  • Advertising companies (integrate in an ad)

    Using Call Back offer, customers will:

  • Fast and easy integration for developers across multiple countries
  • Thanks to a single button, the end user is called back by the network

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Order this service

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