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Direct billing (DOB)

Direct Carrier Billing service: the most efficient way to bill digital services and increase your revenues.

You have digital services or mobile content, you want to commercialize, Orange gives you the opportunity to address all Orange Subscribers.

A pure revenue share model

The use of the Direct Carrier Billing service is based on a pure revenue share model. Partners should be informed that Orange retains a maximum of 35% of the net price (user price minus local taxes) for each transaction.

    Why work with us?

  • Facilitate the integration of your service
  • Accelerate the launch of your service
  • Reduce the complexity of contracts and consolidate the number of invoices and payments between orange affiliates and partners

    How to integrate the Direct Carrier Billing Service?

  • We have selected the best local payment providers to act as intermediary between Orange affiliates and you.
  • The payment providers support partners during launch and in-life and they are your direct point of contact for any technical or commercial issue..
  • They have local offices to provide a qualitative relationship with partners and to optimize financial transactions.

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