Orange Jordan supports “Istiklal Ramadan Football Championship” (Ordon Al-Nakhweh)



Orange Jordan was one of the main supporters of "Istiklal Ramadan Football Championship" (Ordon Al-Nakhweh), organized by the Ministry of Youth for ages 18-35 across all governorates and based on three levels (Teams, Governorates, Kingdom).

The qualified teams competed from all governorates, where one team from each governorate will win first place prizes offered by Orange Jordan for the tournament. The tournament witnessed a real competition between participating teams, and wide attendance across all governorates. The fans were delighted to watch the exciting tournaments since the launch of the competition in a special atmospheres of high sports spirit.

H.E. Dr. Mohammad Abu Rumman, Minister of Culture and Youth sponsored the final match of the tournament, which was held at "Alnassr Club Stadium" in the attendance of the Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications, government spokesperson, Jumana Ghunaimat. At the end of the tournament, Abu Rumman distributed trophies, medals and prizes to the winning teams, and presented Orange Jordan with a trophy for supporting the tournament.

Through this tournament, Orange Jordan aims to motivate the youth to participate in such activities, as it also has a significant impact on enhancing their participation and interaction with their surroundings as well as strengthening their sense of belonging to the community. The company is also keen to support and sponsor all youth-related activities, embodying its interest in the youth through special offers designed for them, such as the YO lines which were tailor-made to meet their needs with modern technology and in an exemplary way.