Orange Jordan Commends TRC’s decision to provide higher bandwidths and assures its readiness to provide customers best service


Orange Jordan commended the stance of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), led by Dr. Ghazi Jbour, the Chief Commissioner, during the current conditions facing the Kingdom.

TRC has granted telecom companies additional frequencies to expand networks' capacities to ensure the provision of telecom and Internet services.

Increasing bandwidths allows companies to provide internet without disconnection, especially during rush hours, to support the governmental efforts, seeking to keep the flow of the educational process and to allow users to work efficiently from home.  

The company said in a statement that the TRC's procedure represents collaboration and partnership between public and private sector, which is needed in such exceptional circumstances, which require unifying the line to support the national efforts.

On the other hand, Orange Jordan stressed on the importance of collaboration and the best use of Internet and telecom networks during rush hours, around daytime, considering the governmental procedures that require work and learning to be from home.

The press release issued by the company said that traffic on its Fiber, ADSL and mobile networks has notably increased while the country is on quarantine, expecting the internet usage to increase as the new governmental decisions, announced on Friday, took place.    

Orange Jordan took all necessary measures to continue providing its customers with the best services by increasing the capacity of international Internet Portal, enhancing the coverage of Home and business Fiber networks and expanding bandwidths, using the additional frequencies granted by TRC, in 600 locations within 36 hours record time of day and night work.

The company was able to implement its plans and procedures efficiently and in such no time with the help of its technical and engineering teams, which are working with the highest level of cooperation and coordination, using the latest online communication tools, to ensure that the kingdom and its citizens are well served in all fields.