Orange Jordan employees share their expertise via “Nahno”


A group of Orange Jordan's employees extended their knowledge and expertise through "Nahno", a national platform for volunteering and youth participation, by giving online training sessions in various topics to enable the trainees to benefit from it, out of their devotion to Orange's values that care about supporting youth, education, training, and constructive social work.

Nahno platform channels youth who seek engagement and volunteering opportunities with governmental institutions, civil society organizations, and private sector companies in Jordan, to encourage volunteering culture, experiences exchange, and elevating youth's skills to enable them to build their communities.

Orange employees offered training sessions, based on their expertise, on technology, marketing, self-skills, economy, communications, and problem-solving skills.

Orange Jordan said that employee's participation in the Nahno platform falls under its corporate social responsibility strategy, noting that the company is keen to create positive change, whether internally or externally, to serve the community.

The company seeks to harness safe digital methods in supporting youth and elevating their skills aligned with the procedures taken to combat Covid-19, especially through the platform launched by NAUA and UNICEF, in partnership with the Crown Prince Foundation, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth.