Orange Jordan is the official telecommunications sponsor of the “Women on the Front Lines” conference in Jordan



CEO of Orange Jordan, Jérôme Hénique affirmed that the company has the ability and responsibility to bring about change regarding women and their ability to lead inside and outside the company. During his speech at the “Women on the Front Lines” conference, which was held last week under the patronage of His Excellency Prime Minister of Jordan, in the attendance of Her Excellency Hala Lattouf, Minister of Social Development and Her Excellency Lina Annab, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Hénique added "We are always working on integrating women in all aspects of our business, whether by elevating their leadership or empowering them in local communities, through our various initiatives as we believe that such changes will positively impact the national economy."

Hénique pointed out that women make up almost a third of the workforce at Orange Jordan, where the majority of them holds executive and managerial positions, reflecting the company’s commitment to empower women, saying: “The percentage of women should be higher and I personally feel committed to promoting women in managerial positions, in every possible way.”

For the second consecutive year, Orange Jordan was named the official telecommunications sponsor of the conference and participated in its activities. This year's conference was attended by a number of well-known entrepreneurial women figures spanning the fields of politics, economy, media and art. The conference was organized by May Chidiac Foundation (MCF) – a non-profit organization mainly dedicated to training, research, and education on issues of media, democracy, and social welfare.

Orange Jordan’s sponsorship of the WOFL conference falls in line with its corporate social responsibility plan, stemming from its five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020”, which aims at connecting people to all that is essential to them and enhancing their lives through the initiatives the company undertakes, in addition to sponsorships and support offered in partnership with civil society organizations that aim to add value and measurable quality in people’s lives, a vital component of the company’s ambitious vision to spark the overall socioeconomic growth.