Orange Jordan and Wataniya Mobile Palestine partner together to sponsor the talented Mohammad Al-Sheikh


Orange Jordan recently announced its sponsorship of 13-year-old Mohammad Al-Sheikh, also known as the Palestinian “Spiderboy,” whose unique talent in acrobatics earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records for the most full body revolutions during a chest stand in one minute. The joint sponsorship is a collaboration between Orange Jordan and Wataniya Mobile Palestine.

An event was held to honor Mohammad Al-Sheikh, focusing on his unique talent and celebrating his breaking of the Guinness World Record by spinning his body around itself clockwise 38 times in one minute, breaking the previous record of 24 times in one minute. The event was attended by Orange Jordan PR, CSR, and Corporate Communication Director, Rana Dababneh, Wataniya Mobile Palestine Public Relations Manager Haneen Khouri, Mohammad Al-Sheikh’s coach and family, the Guinness World Record team from the UAE, and a number of media representatives.

Commenting on the occasion, PR, CSR, and Corporate Communication Director, Rana Dababneh said, “We at Orange Jordan are very happy to show our support of youth in this unique activity, as we direct our attention to highly promising talents of the newest generation. Our sponsorship of Mohammad Al-Sheikh with Wataniya Mobile Palestine is one of numerous activities that we continue to carry out as part of our dedication to members of the local community. Our ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for talented children to excel in their lives reflects a goal of the our corporate social responsibility plan, which seeks to identify and promote individual and institutional skills of all segments of society, falling in line with our five-year Essentials 2020 strategy, setting social service as a main area of focus.”

Dababneh went on to say that this sponsorship is part of a longstanding partnership between the two telecommunications companies, where Orange Jordan customers get unlimited calls to Wataniya Mobile Palestine, as an addition to the exceptional offers and exclusive advantages of the new Orange Lines that Orange Jordan previously launched to usher in a new era in the world of integrated, upgraded, and positively adapted mobile services that are characterized by simplicity and are more innovative than ever.

Born on November 25, 2003 in Gaza, Mohammad Al-Sheikh has been involved in sports his entire life. In 2015, he was a contestant on “Arabs Got Talent”, where he advanced to the final round as one of the top three. He is now a Guinness World Record holder, and is ranked among the ten most flexible people in the world.

Remaining committed to supporting people just like Mohammad Al-Sheikh, Orange Jordan is a local, responsible Jordanian company that intrinsically cares about forming a real bond with the community, one that feels increasingly more friendly and understanding of the needs of individual members of society, to contribute to the growth of economy and wellbeing of Jordanians and to bridge digital divides.