Orange Jordan celebrates the launch of iMoneh Application at its growth accelerator platform “BIG”



Orange Jordan recently supported the launch of iMoneh at its business growth accelerator platform BIG, located at King Hussein Business Park, in the presence of the project’s partners, clients, and Orange Jordan’s employees.

iMoneh project joined BIG in its fifth season, and is considered to be the first application in Jordan to offer an electronic supermarket service, providing the Jordanian family with a variety of products, and is considered a link between the daily needs of families on the one hand and supermarkets on the other The main objective of the application is to facilitate shopping and simplify selecting products.

Orange Jordan expressed its happiness in supporting and enabling entrepreneurial projects in Jordan through BIG program, which focuses on developing start-ups and stems from Orange Jordans five year corporate strategy, Essentials 2020 reflecting its commitment to being an integrated telecommunications provider, responsible for creating socio-economic development for the community.

The CEO of the project, Ayham Ja'roun, expressed his gratitude and happiness with Orange Jordan for supporting the project, and the company's ongoing efforts in sponsoring the success of the innovative projects. He also expressed his great pleasure to continue his project with BIG in the fifth season. "IMoneh is a unique application that is available on smartphones, enabling customers to buy from their preferred supermarkets and pay in cash or credit card.

The iMoneh project aims to facilitate the shopping process for application users and introduces them to an unmatched shopping experience in the Jordanian market, offering unique services to help families shop through delivering the products they order in a fast and efficient way.