Orange Jordan, the main supplier of electronic connectivity during the 2016 parliamentary elections


Orange Jordan established and maintained electronic connectivity for the 18th Jordanian parliamentary elections, which were held on Tuesday, September 20 under the supervision of the Independent Election Commission (IEC). During previous years, Orange Jordan supplied connectivity for the parliamentary elections and achieved wide success, becoming a trusted and reliable telecommunications partner for the elections, as it is the leading telecommunications operator in providing integrated services. 

Carried out by Orange Jordan, the process went smoothly and helped achieve positive results, from registration through ballot submission and screening, as witnessed by all participants and followers of the elections.

Orange Jordan connected 1,500 poll centers across the Kingdom with the main elections operating center at the IEC through its specialized operation centers for electronic connectivity and through its vast network which included five thousand connected computers to the main elections operating center, which was dedicated to exchanging data on election day in a fast and efficient manner.

Throughout September and prior to the start of elections, Orange Jordan partnered with the IEC to organize the training of 460 people from the Ministry of Education and those working on electronic connectivity systems for the election process from the south, north and middle regions, in order to give them skills to train others. Those who received the training, in turn, trained five thousand employees from the Ministry of Education on how to electronically connect the polling centers and IEC's main and backup information centers.

Orange Jordan CEO Jérôme Hénique expressed his happiness and pride regarding the fruitful partnership with the IEC, which successfully ensured electronic connectivity for the elections for the third consecutive time. He pointed out that this partnership serves as a proof point of Orange Jordan's efficiency and reliability, and reflects its position as the leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom, embodying its high performance in terms of technical capabilities, advanced infrastructure, human resources, and labor force. Hénique reaffirmed Orange Jordan's commitment to making national events, like the parliamentary elections, a success by providing continuous, advanced connectivity, a key objective of the company's corporate strategy, Essentials 2020.

Detailing the connectivity services that Orange Jordan provided on the day of the elections, Deputy CEO and Chief Enterprise Officer Sami Smeirat said: "We managed to connect polling centers spread throughout the Kingdom with the main and backup election centers through a special closed, secure network, applying the highest standards of security and protection to all of the networks and systems we used. We also provided diverse, technologically varied backup services in all centers, where wired and wireless lines were used, in addition to those that depend on and provide secure and protected wireless connectivity. By comprehensively covering all connectivity needs, we were able to offer unprecedented wireless connections with fourth generation capabilities and transmit large amounts of data between all different units and polling centers."