Orange Jordan sponsors the 10th annual Arab Investigative Reporters forum “ARIJ”


Orange Jordan recently sponsored the 10th annual Arab Investigative Reporters forum “ARIJ”, held under the theme “Investigative Journalism: Battling Fake News”. The three-day event held at the Dead Sea, saw the participation of more than 400 experts and journalists in the field of investigative journalism.

Orange Jordan's sponsorship of the 10th ARIJ forum, which attracted a large number of Arab media professionals in the region and the Kingdom, came about due to its support of the media sector and its key role in development. A step, which falls in line with its corporate social responsibility plan, inspired by the main objectives of its five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020”, which focuses on media issues, and supports various events and activities that will benefit the local community.

The forum provided the participating journalists an opportunity to attend interactive training sessions and special workshops to hone their skills in battling fake news, which has become an issue that affects everyone globally and sheds light on the importance of investigative journalism as a tool to uncover the truth.

It also aimed at facilitating the sharing of experiences and techniques through 45 intensive sessions and training workshops. It also contributed to the exchange of expertise developed by ARIJ network during the last decade, through excellence in instilling investigative culture in Arab editing rooms and among freelance journalists, as a tool to serve the public interest and to promote transparency and accountability in a legal, political, social and professional environment full of challenges and obstacles.

David Cay Johnston, an investigative reporter in the US and author of the book “The Making of Donald Trump” delivered the opening speech where he talked about the mechanics of his work, which led to the publishing of fabricated sensitive news and the closing down of a major media network. Other sessions, featured a number of journalists who presented their experiences in investigative journalism as well.

For over a decade, ARIJ has trained more than 2,000 journalists, media professors and students. It has also established investigative units in newsrooms in Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt and Lebanon.