Orange Jordan sponsors the first of its kind photography competition


 Under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Her Excellency Lina Annab and the sponsorship of Orange Jordan, the first national photography competition, “Jordan in Photos”, was launched recently to explore new touristic and archaeological sites and areas in Jordan during a press conference that was held at Rotana Hotel. The press conference was attended by the Assistant Secretary General for Administrative, Financial Affairs and Governorates at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Ali Al-Bayadi representing the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Director of Communications and Media at Jordan Tourism Board, Lana Shekem, on behalf of the General Manager of Jordan Tourism Board, Orange Jordan’s PR, CSR and Corporate Communication Director, Rana Dababneh, on behalf of Orange Jordan's CEO and Diala Al Hussein, Director of Programs and Projects at The Address Center.

The national initiative, which was launched by The Address Center, aims to create a new map for internal tourism in Jordan by encouraging non-professional and professional photographers to showcase their talents and creativity in capturing the best picture of interesting places in the country that nobody has seen yet. “Jordan in Photos” took direct support of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Jordan Tourism Board and other companies and institutions.

Orange Jordan’s PR, CSR and Corporate Communication Director, Rana Dababneh, stressed on company keenness in supporting youth projects and creative ideas to serve the internal tourism programs and explore new areas in order to enrich the visual content of all tourism sites in Jordan and renew them in a professional and accurate manner.

Dababneh said: “Orange Jordan has supported similar ideas in the field of photography, but this idea has received a different appreciation, because it focuses on exploring new tourism sites and sheds light on them. It also seeks to find internal tourism programs to showcase the beauty of Jordan and what potential its archaeological sites holds for thousands of tourist."

She also pointed out that Orange Jordan’s role is not limited to supporting everything that concerns the ICT sector, but goes above and beyond in supporting different segments in the economic and service sectors.

As one of its main components, The “Jordan in Photos” competition has organized a private photography camp for its professional photographers in the rare desert of “Al Sahraa Al Dahek” located in the East of Jordan, specifically in Azraq desert area. The camp will enable photographers to choose the “right moment” to capture the beauty of the rare desert in the Arab World and at different timings. While the other component will also enable amateurs and professionals to take pictures of Jordanian sites in order to participate in this initiative, the largest in Jordan.

The desert “Sahraa Al Dahek” was formed from an ancient volcanic eruption and is one of the most important touristic sites in Jordan lying on the Eastern edge of the Badia. The government and other environmental institutions are seeking to integrate the site into the tourist map due to its charm and attractiveness.

The Director of Programs and Projects at The Address Center, Diala Al Hussein said: “This competition sheds light on adventure and ecotourism sites, as well as providing visual content for the tourism map in Jordan with high-quality and professional images, in order to benefit from it locally and internationally in the process of promoting tourism.”

Al Hussein praised Orange Jordan's big support to making this national competition a success, which was held in cooperation with other leading organizations, such as the Royal Jordanian, The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Careem Transportation Company, Canon, Siniora Group, Graphic Lab Co. for marketing solutions and the American Center of Oriental Research.

The jury panel of the competition will consist of professional photographers who have won several international, Arab and local awards, including: Majdi Al-Qudah, Mohamed Moussa and Mohamed Merie, the committee will judge based on specific scientific foundations within the standards of international competitions, the jury committee will also include an honorary member, Zohrab, the photographer of the late King Hussein bin Talal.