Orange Jordan wins the Gold Medal of Excellence in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility for the second consecutive year


Orange Jordan has been awarded the esteemed Gold Medal of Excellence and a Certificate of Excellence in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the second consecutive year, in recognition of its contribution and ongoing efforts in the CSR field. Attended by leading and well-known figures in the region, the award ceremony took place during the regional meeting of the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in Dubai. On behalf of Orange Jordan, the award was received by its CSR team leader, Samar Hijjawi.

According to a press release issued by the company, Orange Jordan stated that, it presented the company’s achievements in corporate social responsibility and received the award as it adhered to all the standards set out by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility. The Organization gave due recognition to Orange Jordan’s inclusion of corporate social responsibility in the core of its strategy, its participation and contribution in sustainable development and support of local social activities. It also acknowledged the company’s efforts to offer an unmatched customer experience through maintaining a constant connection with them, as well as meeting the requirements of governance standards and conforming to transparency principles.

The press release added that this award reflects Orange Jordan’s firm commitment in offering its multi-dimensional services aimed at the development of different sectors and segments by actively participating in the service and growth of the community, which stems from its corporate social responsibility strategy, inspired by the main pillars of its five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020” that puts serving the different sectors and segments of the community at its core, and as a main pillar in the implementation of its plans and initiatives to contribute to socioeconomic growth in the Kingdom.

Orange Jordan is a company with a proven track record of noteworthy programs and initiatives that it implements unilaterally or in cooperation with civil society organizations in Jordan, through which, it supports different sectors, such as the education, youth entrepreneurship, health, environment, development and humanitarian and charity work, in addition to its patronage of national events and activities in various fields.