Small Business Auto Voice Service

with the new Auto Voice Service, Do not miss any job opportunities and avoid wasting your employees time!


  • Ability to record welcome calls and promotional messages
  • User-friendly web portal to control the service
  • Ability to manage your incoming calls; to be directed to the right person and redirected to another line in the case line was busy.
  • Voice mail option
  • Reports and details of all incoming calls
  • You have the option of recording your personalized voice messages from Orange for 20 JD's (One time fee)

* All prices below exclude tax 16%

AV5 AV8 AV12
Monthly fees 5 JOD 8 JOD 12 JOD
Setup fees 10 JOD 10 JOD Free*
AV to Fixed Unlimited
AV to Fixed 1060 min 1400 min 2000 min
Recording Fees (Optional) 20 JOD
Out of Bundle (rate/minute) 1.5 piasters

For more information, please call 1660 or 064621660 from other networks , or visit one of our shops.