Camera surveillance solutions

Camera surveillance solutions

With the camera surveillance solutions from Orange, you can now keep an eye on your business any time and from anywhere through a variety of easy-to-install cameras, so you can be close to your business even while you’re away.

About Orange Camera Surveillance Service
This service offers comprehensive security solutions, as well as a special application on mobile, PC, and tablets.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy and quick process
  • Excellent after sales service
  • A dedicated surveillance application for your mobile, PC or any smart device
  • Special discounts on cameras available with Pro offers, depending on the offer type and commitment period.
  • Excellent prices

Keeping your office safe
Securely keep an eye on your office any time and from anywhere. All you have to do is connect online and give it a try from your mobile, PC or tablet.

Watch your office at night
You’ll be able to monitor your office at night or when lights are not available, as these include night vsion sensors.

Reviewing the camera recordings
You can record and review the contents of the camera by using a SD memory card or a hard disk, depending on the type of the camera.

The types of cameras on offer:
CCTV Camera Kit: A kit of 4 cameras (3 indoor cams and 1 outdoor camera)





Installment amount




1 year commitment 2 year commitment

CCTV 4 cameras


Al-Ruwwad (HIkvision)


16 JD 8 JD

Starting from JD 47, based on the location and size

- The prices above do not include tax

Benefits & features of the cameras:

Al-Ruwwad (HIkvision)



2 MP

4 HD cameras

DVR: 4 ports

1 TB HD storage


Night Vision

Mobile App

For more information, call 1660 or 064621660 from other networks.